Press conference Tommy Robinson

Press conference Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson must be released immediately

Off course, justice must be served.

In the UK, journalists need to be careful in their approach in order not to influence a jury in a trail.
Nevertheless, they must be able to do their work and to report the news, whether it concerns a small item or big. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech are fundamental pillars of democracy.

Take away the freedom of speech, take away the freedom of the press and you will end up in a dictatorship.

We see all over the EU action against so-called hate speech. Hate speech is the new legal instrument to silence unwanted opinion, to cover up crimes, to silence political opposition. The so-called legal warfare of jihad.

Contempt of court has yet become another instrument in the toolset to silence the free press and free speech, to cover up horrendous crimes and the complicity of local and national authorities.

The EU is on a fast track to become a totalitarian empire and for now, I still include the UK.
The liberal, globalist elite still holds power in the UK as it does in the EU. They are the ones pushing an agenda of islamisation, of destroying western culture and western identity. And they do it by all means.
The propagated islamisation results in a terrifying rise in crime. That is, according to our values and our legal system it are horrendous crimes; according to sharia law it are not.
You can abuse women, and mutilate their genitals; you can hold women as slaves; you can marry an eight year old and have sex with this child; you can rape non-islamic women; it is all permitted according to sharia law.
And don’t tell me that there are dozens different systems of Sharia Law, they all are for about 99% identical and certainly on these points.

If you want islamization, you want Sharia law. If you want civilization, you need a western legal system based on a true decocracy.
What we see now, is an unbelievable protection of islam, of islamic legal practise and islamic morality in the UK at the expense of hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent women and children.
The islamic community is allowed to build a parallel society based on Sharia law within the borders of the UK.
it is inevitable, it is part and parcel of islam, of Sharia law that so-called unbelievers are inferior, that women are inferior, that non-islamic women are free to rape.
Imagine the cover up to keep this hidden from the general public.
Obviously, the authorities go to an incredible extend to hide the true nature of islam.
The amount of victims, the intensity of their suffering goes beyond imagination. Hundreds of young children, abused, gang raped by adult men, tortured, murdered.
Do you really think given these facts, that a jury can be influenced by a single journalist asking questions about feelings of guilt?
Do you really think that this case of Tommy Robinson is about contempt of court?
It is about keeping this information away from the general public. That is what this is about. It is about protecting the realisation of an islamised UK.
To this aim, these hundreds of innocent girls are sacrificed. To this aim brave men like Tommy Robinson are sacrificed. And as the islamisation propagates the number of sacrifices will rise. There will be a rising death toll of terror attacks, rising abuse of jews and christians, more suppression of the fundamental freedom of free speech.
The establishment is silencing the voices of those who unveil the truth.
Kevin Crehan left a bacon sandwich outside a mosque. The court sentenced him to a year in prison, because this was considered as an act of terror. He was found dead within five months.
Imagine the risks for Tommy Robinson. His life is in danger. He is a political prisoner. Tommy Robinson was denied a fair trail. Putting him in jail is like putting him on death row. His crime: exposing the truth.
Any government that imprisons journalists, because they report the inconvenient truth, is totalitarian. The imprisonment of Tommy Robinson is incompatible with the Rule of Law, with western values, with fundamental human rights.
Tommy Robinson must be released immediately.