Helping illegal migrants should be a crminal offense

Helping illegal migrants should be a crminal offense


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, dear guests,
This week Italy and Malta refused a ship with hundreds of migrants, who wanted to enter the EU illegally.
Now, if you are helping in a bank robbery, if you are an accomplice in a terrorist act, if you are financing terrorism, if you are participating in a gang rape, you are committing a criminal offense.
Yet, if you facilitate the entrance of ten thousands of illegals into the EU, you cannot be brought to justice.

What are you up to when you hire a ship to cross the Mediterranean?
What are you up to when you approach the Libyan coast within a few miles and coincidentally pick up hundreds of illegal migrants?
What are you up to when you do that multiple times a day, for weeks and months?
Where do you get your funding to continue this operation?

Since the uncontrolled influx of millions of migrants is the biggest threat to our western civilisation, we wholeheartedly support mr.Orban in his intention to make aiding of illegal migrants a criminal offense.

I want to go even further than that:
Each member state has specific priorities because of specific problems that rise from this mass migration.
• Italy sees failed integration and a parallel society of migrants.
• Austria experiences a dramatic rise in islamic radicalisation and the abuse of legal procedures to keep migrants in Austria for numerous years.
• Hungary is confronted with NGOs, that undermine the government’s policy on migration.
Thus, we see a diversity of new laws. Here are a few examples:
• Italy wants to check mosques and islamic organisations on radicalisation and extremism and if necessary, close them.
• Austria centralizes legal aid to asylum seekers and closes radical mosques.
• And Hungary want to make aiding illegal migration a criminal offense.

These are all great steps towards safer countries, which we wholeheartedly support.
But we need to go one step further.

These individual laws can be taken together to create a package to deal with illegal migration, radicalisation, failed integration and expulsion.
We recommend that each member state implements this package.
We also advise the European Commission to recommend the implementation of this package in each member state.