No more barbarism of sharia, hadith and koran

No more barbarism of sharia, hadith and koran

Speech European Council at 14-15 December 2017

With regard to Brexit I stress the sovereignty of the UK. This implies
• no jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice,
• no restrictions on free trade agreements,
• application of UK law with regard to EU citizens.
That are to us the central elements of any acceptable deal.

Migration is again an important topic of the European council meeting.
And rightly so, mass migration threatens the survival of our civilization, of our security, of our culture.

These illegal illiterate fortune seekers believe in the barbarism of sharia, of hadith and Koran.

• They come to the EU with hundreds of thousands to benefit from our prosperity.
• They do not contribute a single bit to our societies.
• They take without giving and if necessary by force.

This has to stop.

I praise the governments of the Visegrad countries, who stand for their own traditions, for their people and culture. They lead the resistance against Juncker and Timmermans. They are the ones guiding Europe.

Now, this is how you deal with illegal migrants:
First of all: No admission.
Next: No incentives.
That is:
• No housing
• No social benefits
• No family reunion
• No endless legal procedures

And I praise the courageous Libyan coast guard who sets sail against aggressive human traffickers and rogue NGOs, while risking their own lives.

The coastguard of a country that was destroyed by France, the EU and the US, now protects EU borders. The EU cannot show more clearly that it is utterly bankrupt.

Schengen has to end now. National borders must close now.

And finally, migrants who are already here, must be returned straight away.

• Do not tolerate them
• Do not pay them off
• Do not send them back

but round them up and bring them back.

So listen Juncker and Timmermans: this is how you do it!


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